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With every curtain you have you need to find a way that's most suitable to hang it up. There are a wide range of curtain poles and rails that you can use that implement different methods to hang up your curtain. What is great about curtain poles is not only do they allow you to slide, open and close your curtains but you can also get poles and rails that have amazing designs that compliment the design of your curtains.

The different variations of poles such as metal poles, wooden poles, eyelet poles, bay window poles, curtain tracks and much more. You will need to choose the best type of support for your curtain that matches the type of curtain you already have or are planning on buying. Coordinate your poles design with your curtain design and even room design, wallpaper furniture etc to again compliment the feel of the room. Finial designs are becoming increasing popular for curtain poles and are a great example when it comes to having curtain poles that have a bit of style and elegance.

We have looked at some curtain poles from around the web with their features and designed examined to bring you some ideas that you can use to either draw inspiration or hopefully learn about some of the different type of curtain poles that are available to buy and support your curtains.

Standard Ready Made Curtain Sizes

90" drop

90" x 90" drop

66" x 90" drop

57" x 90" drop

46" x 90" drop

72" drop

90" x 72" drop

66" x 72" drop

57" x 72" drop

46" x 72" drop

54" drop

90" x 54" drop

66" x 54" drop

57" x 54" drop

46" x 54" drop

Drop is the height of the curtain from top to bottom.

Real Mahogany, Oak, Teak,Natural And White Wooden Curtain Poles

Real Mahogany, Oak, Teak,Natural And White Wooden Curtain Poles

If you want a real wooden curtains pole that will hang your curtains up really well with there wooden rings that look stunning then check out this collection of wooden curtain poles. These wooden poles are made from high quality birch wood and will hold all weights of curtains. They are available in a wide range of finishes as shown above and on the picture. They include the finial pole ends in a ball shape and mounting brackets. These are top quality curtain poles that you should consider to hang up your curtains adequately and with style.

Chome, Brass, Black Steel Extendable Curtain Poles

Chome, Brass, Black Steel Extendable Curtain Poles

If you are more interesting in steel poles that give a more modern feel to a room then these should be considered  They are available in a wide range of finishes and different colour types that you can consider. They also have ball pole ends to stop the rings sliding off. These steel curtain poles allow a smooth sliding feel when opening and closing your curtains and are at a fairly decent price point. They really should be considered when looking at a pole to hang your curtains just because of how sturdy and great looking these steel poles are. These poles are also extendible as an added bonus.

Antique Brass Swish Belgravia Curtain Pole 29mm Bay Window

Antique Brass Swish Belgravia Curtain Pole 29mm Bay Window

If you are looking for higher quality and pricer curtain pole than you should be looking at the gorgeous antique brass styles. This curtain pole includes the pole, finials brackets and rings. It is made from metal with an antique brass finish that looks gorgeous and the highest of luxury. The centre of the pole bends which makes it ideal for a bay window. This really is a stunning pole for you to consider to enhance the design of a room.

Twist Style Extendible Curtain Pole Matt Silver

Twist Style Extendible Curtain Pole Matt Silver

This is a high quality curtain pole with a very unique pole ending with the twist style. It has a matt silver finish that makes it look like the highest of quality. It is also extendible to make sure you can get it to fit most window sizes. It comes with 3 metal brackets so you can easily install the rod to the wall above the window. These are a very cheap curtains poles that look worth more than they actually are. They are great value for money.

Stainless Steel Metal Curtain Pole

Stainless Steel Metal Curtain Pole

If you are looking for an amazing curtain pole that looks real modern and high quality then you cannot go wrong by choosing this. It is a stainless steel metal that is just of the highest quality and will really compliment your curtain giving it a pole that is sturdy and will hang any weight curtain really well. Easy to clean with a simple wipe makes maintaining and installing this curtain pole fairly easy. Its a great choice if you want a curtain pole that is going to stand out in any room.