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Sometimes you want curtains that are not for your windows, but for your doors. The main reason for this is to help keep drafts that pass through doors out of a room to keep it warmer. This is where you should consider getting some thermal door curtains that will help aid eliminate the cold drafts that come as a result of your doors, especially in the winter seasons. This will help keep your room warmer but also save on your energy bills.

You can use door curtains as also make weight doors for rooms such as pantries or walk in closets. They can be a much viable solution than having a solid door fitted, these door curtains will keep the privacy of the room and close it off without the need of door when sometimes its not feasible.

When getting a door curtain you can also find one that is not just practicable but also looks great. On this page we list a wide range of different door curtains that you maybe could consider for your home. You will also need to consider when purchasing a curtain for your door on how you are going to hang it across the door, and how it is going to be opened and closed ( usually via a sliding motion ). This is where you will also need to consider a curtain pole or rod that is suitable for use with door curtains, you can find them by visiting our curtain pole page.

Standard Ready Made Curtain Sizes

90" drop

90" x 90" drop

66" x 90" drop

57" x 90" drop

46" x 90" drop

72" drop

90" x 72" drop

66" x 72" drop

57" x 72" drop

46" x 72" drop

54" drop

90" x 54" drop

66" x 54" drop

57" x 54" drop

46" x 54" drop

Drop is the height of the curtain from top to bottom.

Tassel String White Door Curtain

Tassel String White Door Curtain

If you want a room divider as a door curtain then this is a great product. This door curtain can help aid privacy or even as a fly screen to stop them annoying flies getting into rooms you do not want them, especially in summer. They are a great looking tassel design in a white colour that easily can be hanged via tacs or on a pole. They also sway in the breeze which we find here at find curtains fairly soothing! These are a great set of door curtains that you cannot go wrong if you buy them, they are also so cheap compared to buying them from high street stores.

Wooden Beaded Bead Curtains

Wooden Beaded Bead Curtains

If you want some bead curtains to keep them flies out so you can keep your doors open without having to worry about getting flies come into your home or caravan then these are perfect for you. Not only are they practicable but also have a very stunning wave design that is etched on the beads. They are easily hanged and can be trimmed to fit your door size. They are also fairly cheap for the quality of door curtain you will be getting that is multi-purpose and looks great. We recommend these wooded door curtains for any home.

Decorative Bamboo Beaded Door Curtain

Decorative Bamboo Beaded Door Curtain

If you want some bamboo door curtains then these maybe the ones for you. They have a huge amount of different designs available for you to choose and are great quality bamboo door curtains. They can be used outside or inside and are multi-purpose. They are great for all doorways and even caravans to let them air and keep insects out. Please note that this are for a single door frame size. The build quality is very good and is a great value for money door curtain.

Japanese Bamboo Design Door Curtain

Japanese Bamboo Design Door Curtain

If you want a door curtain with a Japanese style then these are beautiful curtains that you can use to hang over a door. They are a bamboo designed Japanese curtain that is made from 100% polyester. Please note is not actually bamboo material, just a bamboo design. It comes with a detachable curtain rod that allows you to hang it over or a doorway or on a wall. There is a huge amount of other designs available. No drilling or nails needed to hang. Easily add a touch of Japan with these amazing beautiful door curtains.

Sparkling Crystal Beaded Door Curtains

Sparkling Crystal Beaded Door Curtains

If you want to add to your room elegant crystals that cover a door with these amazing door curtains then you can not go wrong by buying into these. They are designed simply brilliant. A lot of detail has gone into the crystals that hang and transfer light beautifully  The sparkle that transmits from these curtains is stunning. They are perfect for any room to bring elegance. They have to been seen to believed how beautiful they are. We recommend these if you want a crystal beaded curtain for you door.