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This page is all about curtains and the colour brown. Brown is amazing colour that is commonly used for homedécor around the world. It blends perfectly with other colours and you can really make some great combinations to really add luxury and elegance to a room. Brown is a warm colour and can be very attractive. Brown and cream for example is stunning when you have a room that is themed around them two colours. For example you could have brown curtains and duvet colours with cream walls, that really will make a room stand out and have your visitors really loving the design and choice of colours.

The shades of brown such as chocolate and burgundy give you endless options when you want to pick a certain shade of brown. If you have seen some curtains around the web that have not been mentioned on this page then be sure to contact us and we will make sure to add them. Please look below through the brown themed drapes and curtains to see if you can find some that you think will look great in one your home rooms, if not we hope you have found at least some inspiration for your very own home decorating needs.

Standard Ready Made Curtain Sizes

90" drop

90" x 90" drop

66" x 90" drop

57" x 90" drop

46" x 90" drop

72" drop

90" x 72" drop

66" x 72" drop

57" x 72" drop

46" x 72" drop

54" drop

90" x 54" drop

66" x 54" drop

57" x 54" drop

46" x 54" drop

Drop is the height of the curtain from top to bottom.

Pencil Pleat Brown Retro Curtains Lined

Pencil Pleat Brown Retro Curtains Lined

If you are looking for a more retro, stylish look then these are great curtains. The Jacquard style square pattern makes these curtains very detailed and unique. It has a natural coloured lining and comes with free tiebacks. These are the type of curtains that look way more expensive then they actually are, so if you buy them you are getting some quality curtains that are decent at blocking out light. If you decide to go with these curtains then you will be pleased with your purchase, we know we were when we got to test these curtains.



These are some stunning luxury chocolate brown curtains that have an eyelet ring. If you are looking for some summer curtains or a pair of curtains that will match really well with more interior designs then you cannot go wrong by considering having these. They are quite cheap for the quality you will be getting, they also very lightweight. The only real gripe we have with these curtains is that we dont think they blackout the light enough, so if you do consider these curtains then make sure you consider that factor.

Chocolate Insulated Thermal Blackout Curtain

Chocolate Insulated Thermal Blackout Curtain

These are top seller curtains. They are highly rated and ranked blackout curtains that you know are going to be quality when you buy them. If you want little light getting into your room then consider these as some of the best curtains you can get to do the job. Not only are they great at blocking out light, but their insulation levels are simply brilliant. They will keep your room warm. They are high quality and have a soft feel to them that adds to the luxury. They are machince washable.

Carnaby Chocolate Brown Curtains

Carnaby Chocolate Brown Curtains

If you want even more quality from your curtains then these should be considerd. The detail that has gone into these curtains from the design to the material is literally amazing. The may be slighly higher price than the other featured curtains on this site but they are worth every penny. The floral design gives these curtains are more luxury look and will match most home decors with the fashionable choice of colour. They should be a good consideration when you are looking to buy a set of curtains for your home.

Lined Chocolate Cream, Brown, Gold

Lined Chocolate Cream, Brown, Gold

If you are looking for more colour variety in your curtains then these could be a good choice. These curtains have a three colour tone, gold, brown and cream. They are a really fashionable colour range with a quality design. These are made by Viceroy Bedding and are simply beautiful. They feel amazing and look elegant. If you want quality eyelet silk curtains then you cannot go wrong considering these. They also come with beautiful tiebacks.