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Looking at a pair of curtains that's main purpose is help to keep your room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer? Then thermal curtains are the best type of curtains for you.

This special types of curtains are manufactured in mind to help keep drafts lower in particular in the winter to help keep your room warmer. The thermal properties and thickness help block any cold air that is travelling in your room via your window. Studies suggest that using thermal curtains alone reduce heat loss from a room by a massive 14%. If you are paying over the odds on rising gas prices maybe purchasing some thermal curtains will reduce your bills and be a very smart investment for your home.

You can get thermal curtains that not only reduce your bills but also look stunning. Thermal curtains can also be purchased with blackout properties that also block light entering a room which is great for bedrooms. On this page we will be listing some of our favourites that we have found around the web and hopefully give you some ideas on what you could get for your very own rooms. There is a wide range of different type of thermal curtains from colours to styles to choose from and we have narrowed them down to some of our favourites. Ranging from the more affordable and cheaper options to the curtains with the higher price points. We hope you find some that may interest you.

If you have seen some thermal curtains around the web that you think were either great value for money or just simply elegant and stunning then please contact us and we will feature them on this page.

Standard Ready Made Curtain Sizes

90" drop

90" x 90" drop

66" x 90" drop

57" x 90" drop

46" x 90" drop

72" drop

90" x 72" drop

66" x 72" drop

57" x 72" drop

46" x 72" drop

54" drop

90" x 54" drop

66" x 54" drop

57" x 54" drop

46" x 54" drop

Drop is the height of the curtain from top to bottom.

Thermal Insulated Peach Door Curtain

Thermal Insulated Peach Door Curtain

Purchasing a curtain for extra insulation is a great way of saving on energy bills and keeping your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. These curtains do just that and have amazing insulating properties that will keep your room warmer if you place them over draft ridden doors. These Roman style peach curtains not only act as great thermal insulators but also look stunning. They also have noise reducing properties. For the price you are paying for these curtains you will get back with the money you will be saving on cheaper energy bills. These are great thermal curtains that we highly recommend.

Simply Stunning Black Thermal Insulating Curtains

Simply Stunning Black Thermal Insulating Curtains

If you want to keep your room warmer then this curtains are absolutely stunning. They will keep your room warmer during the cold weather and keep the temperatures lower during the summer by blocking out the sunlight rays entering the room, keeping it well shaded and cooler. These are great value for money black thermal curtains that you will notice the different in your room if you use them. They are 100% polyester and machine washable.

Red Thermal Drapes Lined Curtains with Eyelet Rings

Red Thermal Drapes Lined Curtains with Eyelet Rings

If you want a pair of thermal curtains that will keep your room warm but also look stunning then these are perfect. Not only are they thermal curtains but they also have a design that makes them look like modern curtains that just look beautiful with there red colour. They also can be hanged very easy thanks to the eyelet rings in there header. These eco friendly drapes must be considered if you are looking at a set of thermal curtains for your home.

Cheap Duck Egg Thermal Curtains

Cheap Duck Egg Thermal Curtains

These are some cheap patterned duck egg thermal curtains that will look great over any door in your home. Reduce draughts with these styled and designed curtains that will not look out of place in any home. These are amazingly value for money and are one of the cheapest pair of theme curtains we have seen on the web. Not only do they act great but they also look great. if you are looking for a pair of fairly cheap thermal curtains then you must consider these for your home.

Pink Thermal Blackout Curtains

Pink Thermal Blackout Curtains

These amazing pink thermal curtains with matching tie backs are stunning. If you are looking for some pink themed curtains that also have thermal properties then these are great. These curtains also come with matching tie backs and are very easy to install and put up. Not only do they have thermal properties but they also are blackout curtains that blackout light. Great for bedrooms and living rooms. They could even be used in a child's girls bedroom. These are a great fairly reasonably priced pair of thermal curtains with a bit of style and design.