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If you are planning on making your own curtains then the fabric is the most important thing you need to consider. There are different textures, styles , designs and colours of fabric that you also need to consider and look at when you are going to produce your very own curtains.

Some of the common curtain fabrics are : 

All these different types of fabric designs and styles will need to be decided on before beginning your journey into creating your very own curtains. You will need to decide on the size that will fit your window and measure accordingly. You will also need to decide on the type of curtain you want to produce, thermal, blackout, lined may also need to be considered. You will also need to look at the type of curtain lining you will be using

You will also need to decide on how you will hang your curtains, will you be using a wire rod or maybe even using metal eyelets to hang. We recommend that you make your very own plan and do extensive research before trying to make your own curtains. There are a wide range of help guides and examples around the web that can aid you and help you learn on the best ways and methods to making your own curtains.

If you would like more information or have some tips that you would like to share do not be afraid to contact us and we may feature them on the website.

Standard Ready Made Curtain Sizes

90" drop

90" x 90" drop

66" x 90" drop

57" x 90" drop

46" x 90" drop

72" drop

90" x 72" drop

66" x 72" drop

57" x 72" drop

46" x 72" drop

54" drop

90" x 54" drop

66" x 54" drop

57" x 54" drop

46" x 54" drop

Drop is the height of the curtain from top to bottom.

Grey White Striped Fabric

Grey White Striped Fabric

If you are looking for some grey and white striped fabric that you can use to create your own curtains then this is a possibility. Its a heavy weight fabric so its ideal for curtains that hang. This fabric is machine washable and can be dry cleaned. If you are looking for fabric with a bit of design and style then this is good choice to choose if you are making your own curtains.

Dotty Cherry Polka Dot Fabric

Dotty Cherry Polka Dot Fabric

If you want fabric that has polka dots then this is perfect. It has a dark red background with white polka dots that are great for making curtains. If you make curtains with this fabric you can also make matching cushion covers etc to give a room a big polka dot design. The options are endless and the design of the fabric is great and so is the quality. The fabric is fairly cheap too.

Chintz Nancy Rose Design

Chintz Nancy Rose Design

This is very detailed and stunningly designed fabric with a chintz Nancy rose style. If you want to make a pair of curtains that have a floral rose pattern then these are perfect. The options are endless if you get purchase the fabric you can make a matching set of cushion covers. The quality of the fabric is great and you will not disappointed buying this type of fabric for your curtains.

Duck Egg Green Damask Curtain Fabric

Duck Egg Green Damask Curtain Fabric

This is a great piece of fabric with an elegant damask duck egg coloured theme. If you want to make a luxury pair of curtains or Roman blinds then this fabric is a great starting point. You can amaze your friends with the quality of curtains you will be making if you use this fabric. This is also a medium to heavy weight cotton that will mean the drapes will hang really well when they are made. This is the perfect type of fabric you should be looking at when you are planning to create your own curtains.

French Themed Birds Vintage Curtain Fabric

French Themed Birds Vintage Curtain Fabric

If you want a vintage looking fabric to create your curtains then this type of fabric is perfect. This fabric with its French theme with bird illustrations etched upon it will look great when made into a pair of curtains or even possibly cushion covers. This type of fabric has lots of character and gives it a uniqueness that you cannot get with off the shelf ready made curtains. The beauty, style and design of this fabric is one of a kind and perfect to create stunning curtains.